Daily Lunar Forecast @ 33°53’S 151°5’E

Starts: 5 December 2016 10:24 am

Ends: 6 December 2016 11:23 am

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent – 28.5% full

Moon Day: 6

Lunar Month: 7th day

Symbols: Magic Wand, Wind Rose, Wind Vane

Characteristics: The day is connected with the deeper use of prayers, mantras, verbal  magick, work with spirits, and elements of nature. A day when prayers have the magick power of faith. Everything we say, and wish for ourselves and others, has the potential to become reality.

Recommendations: Today nature, which surrounds us, is very receptive to what we say, even unintentionally, and because of this we have to work on our verbal skills. Sincere prayers and good wishes will come true. This day is great for practicing  yogic asanas (physical exercise), and doing work with our hands.

Precautions: It is, however, a provocative day so be careful what you say and wish. It is important to avoid lying; it is always better to keep silent than to speak lies. Speak less, avoid idle chatter, empty promises, use of meaningless and repetitive words. Protect your lungs and be careful not to catch cold.

Moon in Sign: Aquarius

Sign Element: Air

Characteristics: The moon in Aquarius bring feelings of inner freedom and openness, allowing our emotions to become more alive and to be expressed more freely. Inner feelings of independence become a main priority, rebelling against any percieved pressure or imposed limitations. Because of this we tend to allow ourselves more freedom: like giving into the desire to splurge in shopping or food, the desire for something new, as well as indulging in unexpected actions and behaviors. It is a good time for reforms, experiments, implementing new ideas, even risky projects. Spend more time among people, with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The most important thing is not to go overboard with the desire to show off.

Health: Vulnerable – legs, nervous system, sense organs. Avoid prolonged walks, straining legs, and nervous system stress. Not recommended – legs and joints surgery/therapy, as well as operations on the sense organs – especially eyes.

The heart becomes stronger so it’s a good time for necessary surgical procedures on heart, as well as vigorous physical training and exercises.

Lunar Horoscope: People born when the Moon is in Aquarius are eccentric, capricious, moody, with a strong need to feel independent. They like everything new, are inventive themselves and in turn support other inventors. They are usually friendly and open to others, always ready to help, they also like and appreciate themselves. They are great survivors, easily adapt and feel comfortable everywhere, but may feel somewhat bored without changes.

Beauty Care: This period is characterized by attention to everything unusual and original, such as fantasy makeup, and exciting fragrances or cosmetic devices with new design.
Sagittarius should consider their diet in the morning, refuse strong tea or coffee and make daily routine maximally  free. Aries and Pisces will be able to increase the intensity of physical activity and wellness exercises. Exercises for the neck will be useful for Leo.

The hosts of this period – Aquarius – can use sharp, spicy seasonings in food and cosmetic procedures. Grated fresh onion will help in the treatment of varicose veins.

Fatigue can adversely effect the health of Gemini – it would be good to take baths with the addition of sea salt for blood circulation.

Aries should reconsider applying decorative cosmetics and taking any medications that can cause weight change, Cancers should avoid the use of alcohol-based tonics because skin can be easily irritated at this time. The use of hardware cosmetology (vacuum cleansing, warming massage, magnetic comb, cryotherapy) should be taken with caution for those who are having the procedure for the first time.

Anti-stress masks and balms, facials, soothing herbal preparations, vitamin A, C and E, citrus fruits in diet and beauty masks/creams which include silicon have great value in cosmetic procedures.

Aquarius and Aries should especially cherish their vision and protect their eyes from direct sunlight. Libra and Capricorn will need sunscreen for their skin and should use a day cream with UV filters. Compresses with infusions of parsley, black tea and carrot juice will give a similar effect. It is  not recommended that Leos get a suntan of any kind, whether under the sun or in a solarium.

It is easy to lighten pigment spots and freckles on these days. You can use the juice or infusion of fresh flowers of dandelion for this purpose in spring, and lemon or cucumber juice at other times of the year. Steam baths, facial cleanings, contrasting temperatures are not recommended for women of the fire signs.

Procedures that enhance skin regeneration are useless at this time, and for the most part of plastic surgery will not have a positive result.

Anyone who is considering cutting their hair should consider that there may be risks of hair loss, baldness and loss of connection with the Cosmos.

Dental surgery, removal of tumors, pedicure, manicure, and permanent makeup is permitted.


Starts: 6 December 2016 11:52am

Ends: 7 December 2016 12:49pm

Moon Phase: First Quarter – 39.5 full

Moon Day: 7 

Lunar Month: 8th day 
Symbols: Flame, Fire, Phoenix, Butterfly

Characteristics: This is a day of humility, forgiveness, purity, and transformation. It is a day of the inner fire that cleanses and purifies us.

Recommendations: Today we have to strive to be pure, selfless, to free ourselves from the weight of problems, and everything that holds us back. Visit close friends and relatives, to forgive, bring positive new changes, and build better relationships. Today is also a good time to meditate while focusing on an open flame, as well as to cleanse your home with the burning of candles.

Precautions: You may meet with unreliable people and stress/strain should be avoided if at all possible. Try to be careful with fire. Sex is not recommended.

Business: Free yourself from the weight if problems, and things that hold you back. Try to move forward.

Personal Life: This is a great time for sincere prayers. Try to speak less and avoid idle chatter.

Health: Cleansing and fasting is recommended at this time.

Hair Care: A haircut will bring you luck, good health, and could make your life better. Hair colouring – you could undermine your credibility if you colour your hair on this day. Manipulation with hair – if you have curly hair and wish to better capture natural energy you could straighten your curls.

Moon Sign: Pisces

Sign Element: Water

Characteristics: The moon in Pisces brings romantic feelings, heightened intuition, dreamy mystical moods, as well as an interest in religion and the magickal or unknown. At this time people may become softer, tender, more sentimental, speak kind words, and give compliments to loved ones. During this time we tend to have a deeper understanding of the hidden meaning of life and events, as well as a more intimate perception of beauty, art, poetry, and music. It is a perfect time to visit the theater, museum, art exhibition, to watch a good film, or read a favourite book.  It is a time to go a little deeper, to tune into things that can touch your soul.

Health: Vulnerable – feet, toes, and immune system. Try to walk less, and if possible wear only comfortable shoes. Our body becomes more sensitive so everything we put inside (alcohol, legal/illicit drugs) can produce a much stronger effect and therefore must be used with more caution. Not recommended – feet surgery/therapy, and due to the overall body sensitivity any operations should be avoided (if possible). Diet – carbohydrates are recommended but in moderation.

Lunar Horoscope: This is the best positioning for the Moon in the whole Zodiac. People born when the moon is in Pisces are affected very strongly in a positive way. They are blessed with powerful intuition, live rich inner lives, often have extraordinary abilities, are great learners, can be very patient, and are always ready to help. They are very kind, selfless, and usually have very happy lives. People born with the Moon in Pisces very often become great musicians.

Beauty Care: It is important to regulate your energy costs and keep daily rituals focused on self-care. It is advisable for health and beauty to follow a diet that stimulates the excretory functions of the body, eliminating toxins and waste. It can be useful for Aries, Virgo, and Libra to take a kidney tea to reduce water retention; alcohol should be excluded. Water treatments can be useful for all characters except Capricorn.

It is desirable to use only soft products – gels, cosmetic milk, oatmeal or a slice of fresh cucumber for skin cleansing.

Moisturizer for the face and body, as well as herbal infusions and water compresses/team baths work well at this time.

Cosmetic masks that are made from natural organic ingredients will help you to keep the purity and freshness of your skin.

A haircut made at this time may lead to the formation of dandruff. Shampooing could also give the same result. You should abandon all desires for a haircut during the days of Pisces. Treatment of acne, inflammation of a non-infectious nature will be effective. In the process of beauty treatments at home try to observe sterility – if possible visit a beauty salon instead.

Surgery on the feet, removal of corns/ingrown nails, and treatment of the nail plates is not recommended. However, elective surgery of abdominoplasty will be safe.

You should not use new aromatic substances during this time because of the increased likelihood of allergic reactions. But if you feel lost without perfume, use lavender oil. Try to devote any free minutes in the evening to relaxation and meditation. The magick stone olivine (peridot) may help to release the body and spirit from all unnecessary things that are disturbing your joyful approach to life. A good way to relieve fatigue, and depression is meditation on your favourite colour scale.