Sixth Esbat ~ Southern Hemisphere 

With 7 days to go before Litha, tonight is the Sixth Esbat or Full Moon after Yule. The full moon this month has a few names, it goes by The Strong Sun Moon in many folkloric traditions, but it’s also known as the Lover’s Moon, the Strawberry Moon, the Boon Moon (ancient celtic) or the Dyad Moon.


  • COLOURS: sun colours – gold, yellow, orange
  • CRYSTALS: topaz, agate
  • PLANTS: oak, maple
  • GODDESSES: Isis, Cerridwen, Persephone
  • HERBS: parsley, mosses, skullcap, mugwort
  • ELEMENT: Earth

December Full Moon

    Now is a time for bonding with those who are important to us, nurture these relationships, your garden, your career, and you soul this month.

    Because the nights are short, it is also a good time to tap into solar energy, and it’s not uncommon for the full moom to be visible in the sky before the sun has actually set. Take advantage of this and embrace the power of the sun and the moon at the same time. Making it a perfect blend of opposites and balance – sun and moon, masculine and feminine, day and night.

    This is the month where magickal workings are well suited to maintaining and enhancing things you already have. Take time to let your personal life blossom – focus on things that improve your job or education, as well as your relationships with family and friends. 

    Sixth Esbat

    The sixth Esbat (Dyad Moon) is a time of duality and growth, it represents the halfway point along the path of the moon. Traditionally people would ask for gifts from the Goddess, and she would grant them the boon, depending on the person’s good and bad deeds during the year. 

    The word dyad stems from the Greek word dyas, meaning “two” (or “couple”) – the human and the divine, seperate but One. 

    Dyad Moon Ritual

    For the Dyad Moon, the couple is the God and Goddess. They represent two polarities coming together in a sacred union of Oneness. 

    In this spell you are bringing the divine masculine and feminine energies of the God and Goddess together, and in their union, you ask for your boon.

    You will need:

    • Two candles (red and green)
    • Two sticks (about 20cm long)
    • A piece of white string (about 40 cm long)

      Begin by casting a circle of light, and lightening the green and red candles. As you do this, invite the divine into your circle:

      Divine Goddess and God, sacred Mother and Father of all, please hear my call and bless this circle with your light.

      Around the two sticks, wind the piece of string, tying them securely together. Drip 6 drops of wax, three from each of the candles, onto the sticks and string, and say:

      What was once two, is now one. Dear Lady, see what I’ve done. Should you find me worthy, then please grant my boon to me [state your desire]. Ayea! Ayea! Ayea! Blessed be!

      After you have completed any other spell work, thank the God and Goddess, close your circle, and allow the candles to safely burn down. 


      Moon Phases and Esbats 2016-2017 Southern Hemisphere 



      New Moon: 29th First Quarter: 7th Full Moon: Strong Sun Moon 14th       Last Quarter: 21st



      New Moon: 28th First Quarter: 6th Full Moon: Blessing Moon 12th           Last Quarter: 20th


      New Moon: 27th First Quarter: 4th Full Moon: Corn Moon 11th                 Last Quarter: 19th


      New Moon: 28th First Quarter: 5th Full Moon: Harvest Moon 13th           Last Quarter: 21st


      New Moon: 26th First Quarter: 4th Full Moon: Blood Moon 11th               Last Quarter: 19th


      New Moon: 26th First Quarter: 3rd Full Moon: Mourning Moon 11th         Last Quarter:  19th

      JUNE – Yule (First Esbat)

      New Moon: 24th First Quarter: 1st Full Moon: Long Nights Moon 9th       Last Quarter: 17th


      New Moon: 23rd First Quarter: 1st Full Moon: Cold Moon 9th                     Last Quarter: 17th


      New Moon: 22nd First Quarter: 29th Full Moon: Quickening Moon 8th     Last Quarter: 15th


      New Moon: 20th First Quarter: 28th Full Moon: Storm Moon 6th               Last Quarter: 13th


      New Moon: 20th First Quarter: 28th Full Moon: Wind Moon 6th               Last Quarter: 12th


      New Moon: 18th First Quarter: 27th Full Moon: Flower Moon 4th             Last Quarter: 11th


      New Moon:18th First Quarter: 16th Full Moon: Strong Sun Moon 4th       Last Quarter: 10th

      It should be noted that the names of the full moons vary in different cultures/countries. I have used Celtic Pagan names as that is what I am draw to the most.